Work Groups

The coalition focuses its efforts through our work groups and committees.  To learn more about when a work group or committee meets, please visit our calendar.

Work Groups

Certification Work Group
The Certification Work Group works to build the framework for a certification program that will give transparency to consumers and forward the Coalition’s mission.
Steward: J.D. Hill

Food Assessment Coordination Team (FACT)
The FACT Work Group is preparing a food assessment of Maricopa County.
Stewards: Kate O’Neill, Gina Lacagnina

Food Distribution Work Group
The Food Distribution Work Group works to ensure that all Maricopa County agricultural producers have access to cost effective and efficient distribution channels for truly locally-grown products to all of the community.
Steward: Paris Masek

Policy Work Group
The Policy Work Group (recently merged with the Healthy Local Foods System team) works to identify and advocate for polices that enhance the mission of the Maricopa County Food System Coalition.
Steward:Dean BrennanKenneth Steel

Urban Agriculture Work Group
The Urban agriculture Work Group works to identify and encourage work that fosters, sustains, and strengthens existing and new/emerging urban agricultural projects, operations and organizations throughout Maricopa County.
Steward: Katie Poirier