Become a Member

Coalition Membership consists of four categories.

  • Friends of Maricopa County Food System Coalition- Friends of the Maricopa County Food System Coalition can subscribe to our communication networks and stay informed about our work without becoming a member.
  • Coalition Members- Members commit to the mission, values, methods and principles of the coalition and seek an active role in completing the work of the coalition.  Coalition members are expected to attend at least 9 coalition meetings per year, serve for at least two-year terms, and participate in our consensus decision-making process.
  • Committee Members– Committee members are coalition members who are interested in the work of any of the committees.
  • Work Group Members– Work Group Members are individuals who are interested in the work of any of the work groups.  Work group membership is not limited to coalition members.

To read more about our membership, please review the Maricopa County Food System Coalition Charter.

If you have any questions or would like to become a member, please complete the form below.