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Work Group Milestones

Food Action Plan

The Policy Work Group assisted the City of Phoenix in drafting the 2025 Phoenix Food Action Plan, approved in March 2020.

Food Assessment

The Food Assessment Coordination Team (FACT) coordinated the county's first comprehensive regional food assessment.

Community Collaboration

MarCo engaged with community members through Community Food Conversations as part of the Food Assessment, with continued engagement in Maryvale, South Phoenix, and Glendale.

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How We Work


Committees support the Coalition through leadership and guidance. They consist of Coalition Members and focus on operations and long-term sustainability.

Join a committee if you:

  • Are a MarCo Member
  • Have an interest in leadership and facilitation
  • Want to support grant writing, strategic planning, or other key business processes

Work Groups

Work groups function as the “engine” of the Coalition. Open to Members and non-Members both, they work on specific initiatives to further strategic priorities.

Join a work group if you:

  • Want to collaborate on actionable projects
  • Have an interest in a specific food system issue
  • Are with an organization that works in or around the food system

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Active Committees

Program Support


Resource Development

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Active Work Groups

Urban Agriculture


Food Loss and Food Waste


Policy Work Group