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Our Mission

The Maricopa County Food System Coalition (MarCo) is a voluntary community organization with the mission of supporting and growing a food system that is healthy, equitable, sustainable, and thriving. The Coalition plays the role of convener, connector, advocate, and resource to improve social connectivity, collaboration and awareness around community food.

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Statement on Anti-Racism in the Food System

We are at an important moment within a broad, ongoing movement toward anti-racism in the United States. More must be done within the food system especially. MarCo is taking this season to reassess our processes and ensure we actively focus on our founding core values of building and supporting an equitable, healthy, sustainable, and thriving community-based food system in Maricopa County. Action steps will be published on the website soon. Please contact us with suggestions and feedback.

MarCo in Action

Strategic Priorities

Following the completion of our regional community food assessment, the Coalition identified four strategic priorities to guide us in our work. Click the link below to learn more about the work groups that carry out these priorities, and the committees that support them.

Develop Consistent Messaging

Support the Adoption of Policies and Regulations that Strengthen the Community Food System

Foster Urban Food Production

Reduce Food Loss and Recover Food Waste

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A Comprehensive Community Food Assessment for Maricopa County

One of the Coalition’s earliest projects was the county’s first comprehensive regional food assessment: a snapshot in time of how the food system within a specific geographic region is working well, and where it needs to be improved. We encourage you to read more about food assessment findings and explore opportunities for action.

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